Nuclear Information Centers

The public information centers were founded in Mersin within the scope of the cooperation in the field of the nuclear energy between Turkey and Russian Federation. These centers were planned as multipurpose communication and information centers.

It is stipulated to inform the public, especially the people of Mersin and its surroundings via the visit programs for the public who want to get information on the nuclear power plant planned to be built in Akkuyu and the nuclear energy in general. It is planned to be organized information visits in groups for the children, students of the primary-secondary schools and high schools, non-governmental organizations, professional organizations, public institutions and organizations, media representatives and tourists

The Information Center provide the information for its visitors concerning the Akkuyu NPP Project, history and development of the nuclear industry, achievements in the physical science, energy development view, nuclear industry and the relevant infrastructure construction, radiation, and the measures to be taken for the protection from radiation via the visual tools and slides. The nuclear power plants’ working principles and safety barriers’ structures are explained visually at the Information centers. The models of nuclear power plant’s location and reactors are available at the center and it is ensured via these models that the people have opinion about the nuclear power plant’s location. The shareholders will be informed periodically about the nuclear power plant’s construction phases and the current status. There are special videos and slide shows prepared for the students.

It is planned to be conducted the joint programs together with the operator, the public institutions and local government institutions by organizing training programs, conferences, seminars and round table meetings at the Information Centers.

Information Centers are organizations via which all stakeholders, especially citizens, can find answers to their questions. 

By organizing visits and meetings for various shareholder groups at Akkuyu Field in which the poer plant is planned to be built, the information is provided related to how the NPP construction will be conducted. Additionally, the information is provided concerning the geological, seismic and meteorological studies carried out before the construction. 

The information centers opened by Akkuyu NPP are not considered for informational purposes only. The activities having importance for the community will be conducted and also the courses in various fields will be opened for the public after the preparation of the necessary technical infrastructure.

Büyükeceli and Mersin Information Centers are financed by the operator, Akkuyu NPP A.Ş.

The following important issues are explained in details to the shareholders within the scope of the project promotional activities conducted by the Information Centers; the current studies concerning the project, how the construction process will be realized, operating conditions and security systems during the operation and who will operate the nuclear power plant. The community asks questions to the authorized persons of the Akkuyu NPP and find answers their questions at the end of the meetings.