According to the “Law on Organization and Duties of The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (Law No 3154)”, the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources is responsible for the determination, preparation and implementation of all energy policies, including nuclear energy policy, in co-ordination with its dependent and related institutions and with other public and private entities.

Nuclear Energy Project Implementation Organization (NEPIO) was established in Central Organization of the MENR with the change in Law No 3154. The changing was done with Article 82 of the Decree Law that published in the Official Gazette on November 2nd, 2011. (Decree Law No: 662). It is stated in Article 10/D  in relation to the implementation of NPP projects; coordination of relevant organization to prepare the necessary infrastructure for the areas such as legislation, human resources, education, industry and technology; and mission of doing necessary studies in this areas are responsibilities of NEPIO.