Why the Russian Federation was selected for the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant Project?

There is limited number of country having the nuclear energy technology in the world. The Russian Federation is one of the leading producers and operators in this field. It is known that the Russian nuclear power plants have a significant share in the world’s current nuclear energy production experience. The Russian nuclear technology is as old as the American nuclear technology and today, there are totally 83 Russian nuclear reactors which are in-service and under construction in 11 countries. The Russian Federation is among the countries such as Japan and South Korea, having the capability to conduct each stage of the nuclear power plants from their designs to operation. The answer of the question “Why Russia” can be listed as follows:

• Russia is the first country producing electricity energy from the nuclear energy in the commercial field (Obninsk reactor, 1954).

• It had many attempts to establish NPP from Venezuela to India and from China to Turkey in 2010.

• Russia is building 14 of 68 NPPs which are under construction in the world.

• Russia is planned to increase the number of its NPPs in-service from 33 to 42 in the near future.

• Another advantage of the Russian NPPs is to present all fuel cycle in their proposals (the fuel to be used in the plant is manufactured in Russia, can be taken to Russia again after it is used in Akkuyu nuclear power plant).

• Russia provides the nuclear fuel not only for the plants built by it, but for the different plants in the world at the same time. 30% of the fuel used in the USA and France and 100% of them used in Switzerland are Russian-made.

• Russia has 40% of the world enrichment capacity and provides 17% of the fuel used in the world. Rosatom aims to increase this rate to 25% in 2025.